Fishing Rod Holders

Fishing Rod Holders are handy accessories for a perfect fishing pursuit or experience. It is one of the must-have accessories for successful fishermen – be it helping while fighting with your fish or just needing a break with snacks and drinks while fishing.
To ease the functions, there are varieties of fishing rod holders. The holders can be categorized by different criteria.

Types of Fishing Rod Holders

According to the place of storage or fixing, the fishing rod holders can be categorized into:

Fishing rod holders for boats
Fishing rod holders for kayaks
Fishing rod holders for cars
• Fishing rod holders for trucks
• Ice fishing rod holders
• Bank fishing rod holders

The tool is also available in different sizes, shapes, styles and materials used. Common holders are made of:

• Wood
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Polymer

Aluminum is the lightest option for metal holders; on the other hand, non-metal holders are flexible and resistant to breaking, although they are having some weaknesses in strength. For the case of price, metal holders are more costly than non-metal ones.

According to mounting options, the holders can be divided into two broad categories:

• Clamp, which has flexibility of adjustment throughout the day or
• Drill, mainly for more hardcore fishing because it is permanently mount.

Pick one that suits your needs

So, there are a number of varieties with different accessories but the main thing is to match the rod holder with your desire.

Rod holders are common equipment for fishing boats and those are integral part of boats setup. A rod holder is precisely designed to accommodate fishing pole in a variety of positions. The holder should be adjustable: both horizontally and vertically to ensure the perfect angle for wonderful fishing experience. Choice of rod holders depends on some other related issues too, like style of reel (may be spinning or casting) and rod (especially length is a factor).

A perfect and efficient holder should also have some other features which may include: locking feature to ensure that rod is not pulled from the boat or kayak for a watery swim, removable tubes, padded lining, wide, strong and stable base, sufficient resistance to bending or wearing, long and sharp spike and so on. So, choice of fishing rod holders should be based on different features but the main criteria should be your style and pattern of fishing.